PodiumxRT sample models

We have made several sample models available for users who want to test PodiumxRT. These models are set-up with SU Podium material properties, and pre-defined scenes for testing PodiumxRT's capabilities. Soft shadows have been added. But experiment with soft shadows and different backgrounds.


The Barcelona

Exterior model of the Barcelona Pavilion with three scenes for testing different natural sun/sky light settings as well as HDRI backgrounds. Take a look at the PodiumxRT and exterior rendering video tutorial to get some ideas on lighting and backgrounds

Podium Interior

Podium Interior Study

Nat Ellis's interior study, original for SU Podium. Use soft shadows to see the difference between hard light shadows.

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Another indoor/outdoor model with 360° landscaping, background, and HDRI background. Interior furnished with lights and furniture from Podium Browser.

Studio kitchen model

Studio Kitchen

Interior kitchen scene with artificial lighting and furnishings from Podium Browser. Turn on and off Soft Shadows to see the difference.

Modern Villa model

Modern Villa

A night-time exterior with a contemporary/modern villa. There are three SketchUp scenes to take you from night to day. Try using both simulation and HDRI for bacgrounds.

Poli House

Poli House

An indoor/outdoor daylight model, ideal for testing natural lighting workflows, comparing physical sky and HDRI options.

Podium Study

Ando Azuma

Famous interior but with added light fixtures. Experiment with soft and hard artificial light shadows


DOF experiment

This interior living room provides a way to experiment with depth of field images. Take a look at the DOF video tutorial for some ideas.